Bill Harvey Associates provide a range of services.

Assessment of masonry arch bridges, vaults, and tunnels

Bill Harvey is a world expert on masonry arch and tunnel behaviour and author of the Archie-M software package for analysis of masonry arch bridges.

We have produced customised analytical tools, usually to extremely short timescales. Through them we have demonstrated the resilience of existing infrastructure to unusual forces and movements, resulting in major cost and programme savings.

On CTRL/Thameslink (working for Rail Link Engineering) our analysis allowed £5M worth of temporary works to be avoided and shortened the programme by 3 months.

In this work we are often employed as consultants of last resort, though earlier involvement, as at Vauxhall, can lead to much greater benefits.

Forensic Engineering

We combine our expertise in structural engineering and monitoring in our forensic engineering services. 


We offer design services for masonry structures, including design of new arch bridges, design of modifications to existing structures, and design of remedial works for distressed structures.

Working with Mott Macdonald and Birse Rail (now part of Balfour Beatty) we created a design for modifications to Vauxhall station which significantly reduced temporary works costs, the working space required and the time for construction. It also enhanced the space achieved, producing visible arches in place of much lower flat topped openings.

The redevelopment of the National Museum of Scotland involved opening to the public a previously hidden vaulted space on the ground floor. We worked with Ben Adam of David Narro Associates to develop the scheme for propping the vaults. By using an A frame, we avoided the need to put needles through the vaults and so dramatically reduced the evident damage to the original structure. 

Structural monitoring

We develop effective and economical structural monitoring schemes, whether to diagnose structural health issues or to confirm good behaviour. Our monitoring schemes are carefully honed to deliver real diagnostic information in a forensic process.

Where available instrumentation cannot provide the information needed, or can only do so at prohibitive cost, we develop novel monitoring techniques and instruments. Our versatile Moir√© Tell-Tale crack monitors, developed to enable monitoring of the Dark Arches under Leeds City Station are now available for purchase. At Cleddau Bridge and Vauxhall Station we have used a novel system of deflection monitoring using a laser baseline. 

We deploy monitoring systems with near real-time transmission and display of data.

Education and Training

We offer training courses on masonry arch assessment and inspection.