Summary of available info about bridges affected by the December 2015 floods. This is most likely neither complete nor perfectly up to date. Further info welcome, including

  • Updates to status (with link to public source).
  • Photos of bridges available online (link to page containing image), especially images showing damage.
  • Links to google maps showing location of bridges where this isn't shown.

The following links will open in new tabs/windows.


  1. This list is incomplete. Most of it comes from a few lists of closed bridges published at different times by or for Cumbria CC. Even for Cumbria though is probably incomplete, because e.g. temporary replacement or strengthening re-opens a bridge and removes it from the lists. Outside Cumbria there are certainly more.
  2. Locations may be wrong, this is based on public information and detective work with Google.
  3. The first published map put pins in the wrong place. I've now read the instructions for the mapping software properly, and that is fixed (as of 10am, 2015-01-22).